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a stillness contest all about food

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Food Stillness
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An icontest all about food
profile codes | food_stillness | mod's journal
- You may submit up to 4 icons per challenge.
- You must keep entries anonymous. This means you must not show the icon anywhere else until voting is closed.
- This is a stillness community. This means submitting animated icons is NOT allowed.
- Be kind. This is not a place for nastiness.
- Do not hotlink the other icons.
- During voting, YOU MAY NOT vote for yourself. If you are caught doing this, you will be warned. If this occurs a second time, you will be BANNED.
- If you enter you MUST vote otherwise you will be disqualified unless you inform the mods beforehand that you can't.
- If you need any help with the special categories then feel free to check out the resource post.


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