Kori (sweetrapture82) wrote in food_stillness,

Challenge 52 Results

Results for Challenge 52 are beneath the cut, but first I'd like to thank everyone who entered and voted. It is greatly appreciated :] Unfortunately, there was a disqualification this week :[ We hate having to do this and would really rather avoid it in the future.

1st Place by batmans_lair

2nd Place by hamynah

3rd Place by batmans_lair

Best Crop by castlelady

Best Coloring by cattyhunts

Most Original by tomycoffee

Mod's Choice awarded to czarnalukrecja

I picked this one because I enjoyed the overall composition of it. Plus, it made me extremely hungry, lol.

moonshinefaerie is on banners this week so be on the look out :]
Tags: challenge 52, victors, waffles

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