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Challenge 340 - Free Choice Sets results

Sorry for the delay posting these, I really haven't been up to much these past few days, yay for sickness -_- As a side note, as a one time deal I haven't disqualified you if you didn't vote but did enter, I'm at a barely functioning level still and my brain can't figure it all out.

Best Set:
First Place:
by alwaysashipper

Second Place:
by blossombunny

Third Place:
by alwaysashipper

Best Savoury:
by midnightisclose

Individual icons:

First Place
by emmatheslayer
Second Place
by chicachellers
Third Place
by midnightisclose
Fourth Place
by ningloreth
Fifth Place
by alwaysashipper
Best Savoury
by midnightisclose
Best Cropping
by ningloreth
Best Colouring
by blossombunny

These banners will be up later this week but don't forget about the challenge suggestions and challenge 341.
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