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Challenge 31 - Cherries results

First Place
by castlelady
Second Place (tie)
by nightelf_aphra
Second Place (tie) by csichick_2 Third Place (tie)
by sweetrapture82
Third Place (tie)
by chicachellers
Mod's Choice
by totally_fierce
Best Cropping
by sweetrapture82
Best Colouring
by fruity_taste

I didn't want to do this but I feel that I am being left no option. Starting this wee I am making voting compulsory if you enter an icon unless you tell me beforehand (i.e. when you enter) why you can't vote that week. I am doing this because I feel that it is unfair to the members who take the ime to enter and vote when there are some who don't bother.

nightelf_aphra is on banners this week so look out for those :)
Tags: challenge 31, cherries, victors

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