Kori (sweetrapture82) wrote in food_stillness,

Challenge 152 Voting

Do NOT vote for yourself under any circumstances.
- Vote for THREE favorite icons, ONE for Best Cropping, ONE for Best Coloring and THREE favorite sets
- Please vote for different icons in the special categories than you do the main categories, for a total of 5 different icons. If you neglect to do this, I'll let you know and it's then up to you to modify your vote.
- VOTES ARE WEIGHTED so vote in order of preference.
- Keep your entries anonymous until voting is closed.
- If you entered you must vote, no exceptions unless you have informed one of the mods ahead of time.
- Voting will close Monday around 2 pm EST. Results will be posted shortly after
- You can copy what's in the box into your comment

SET 1 2 3 4
SET 5 6 7 8
SET 9 10 11 12
SET 13 14 15 16
SET 17 18 19 20
SET 21 22 23 34
SET 25 26 27 28
SET 29 30 31 32

chicachellers will have your next challenge later :)
Tags: challenge 152, cupcake sets, voting

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