July 30th, 2016

Britney party

Challenge 276 - Love Food

This weeks theme was suggested by neaptidea, you can suggest a theme here.

Edit: Here is a description of what the theme means.
neaptidea describes it as: food that is cut in a heart shape or food items arranged to spell the word 'love'. I would also accept food in/on heart shaped dishes and food that has the word love/I love you made out of/cut in to them.

This weeks optional special category is for the icons and is 'Best Representation'.

When it comes time for voting, you'll be voting for individual icons and top sets.

* Each set must consist of 4 icons, no more and no less
* You may enter up to 2 sets for a total of 8 icons
* No animation allowed
* You may use stock or screencaps provided the image meets the theme requirement
* All icons must be newly made, and of course, made by you - do NOT submit someone else's work or you will be disqualified
* You need not include the URLs when submitting your set(s), only the images are necessary
* Deadline for Entries: Midnight, EST on Friday, August 12th 2016
* Please do clearly separate your sets:

Set 1

Set 2

Theme: Love Food
Sets: 11

Any questions please ask separately from your set(s) :)