March 10th, 2014

HP - TimeTurner

Challenge 214 - Tea

This weeks special category is 'Best Negative Space'. So, you will need to make at least one icon in each set you enter with negative space, aka a mostly blank space around/the top/the side of the cup (and/or teapot) of tea. My current userpic is an example, with negative space at the top. It doesn't have to be for all icons in each set unless you wish to make it all icons.

You may still comment on the Suggestions Post.

When it comes time for voting, you'll be voting for individual icons and top sets.

* Each set must consist of 4 icons, no more and no less
* You may enter up to 2 sets for a total of 8 icons
* Animations are NOT allowed
* You may use stock or screencaps provided the image meets the theme requirement
* All icons must be newly made, and made by you - do NOT submit someone else's work, you would be disqualified
* You do NOT need to include the URLs when submitting your set(s), only the images are necessary
* Deadline for Entries: Midnight EST on Friday, March 21th
* You may use the following form to submits your set(s)

SETS:  07

If any of these rules aren't clear enough, or you're unsure about something please don't hesitate to ask.
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Mod Post - Resources

As we have changed the rules a little to include a mandatory special category with each challenge we thought that it might be a good idea to share some resources for people to use if and when they need them:

Corbis Images
Getty Images
There is Google Images too but I can't put a direct link in to that.

If you know of any resources that you think people would find useful then drop a link in the comments here and they will be added to the list :)