May 7th, 2011


Challenge 148 Voting

Do NOT vote for yourself under any circumstances.
- Vote for THREE favorite icons and ONE Favorite Set
- Please vote for different icons in the special categories than you do the main categories, for a total of 7 different icons. If you neglect to do this, I'll let you know and it's then up to you to modify your vote.
- VOTES ARE WEIGHTED so vote in order of preference.
- Keep your entries anonymous until voting is closed.
- If you entered you must vote, no exceptions unless you have informed one of the mods ahead of time.
- Voting will close Monday around 2 pm EST. Results will be posted shortly after
- You can copy what's in the box into your comment

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Cheryl Cole

Challenge 149: Green

When it comes time for voting, you'll be voting for individual icons and top sets

* Each set must consist of 4 icons, no more and no less
* You may enter up to 2 sets for a total of 8 icons
* No animation allowed
* You may use stock or screencaps provided the image meets the theme requirement
* All icons must be newly made, and of course, made by you- do NOT submit someone else's work or you will be disqualified
* You need not include the URLs when submitting your set(s), only the images are necessary
* Deadline for Entries: Midnight, EST on Friday, May 20th
* Please do clearly separate your sets:

Set 1

Set 2

Theme: Green (your icons must be of food that is the colour green)

Sets: 05

Any questions please ask separately from your set(s) :)

sweetrapture82 will have challenge 148 voting up after.