October 29th, 2010

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20in20 Round 3 Sign ups

With Round 2 voting up here are the sign ups for round 3.

The Rules: (I'll do full rules when I post the challenge)
- You must be a member and signed up to participate so we can give you posting access
- You will have 20 days to complete all 20 icons and to post them
- Sign ups will close at midnight EST on November 10th.
- The round will begin on November 1st.
- Your 20 icons will be made up like so:
10 icons will be of different theme
5 icons will be a set along one theme
5 icons will be artists choice
- There will be no animation
- Once the 20 days are up voting will commence to decide the best icons in each category (there will be a lot)

Please comment here to this post to sign up.

Round 3 Participants: