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20in20 Round 2: Information

- Icons must be made originally for this challenge.
- All icons must be your own.
- Icons must fit the Livejournal standard of under 40kb, 100x100px and in either .png, .gif or .jpg file format.
- When posting the finished 20 please leave 3 icon examples, not just a banner and a link to the icon post or lj-cut.
- Please post all 20 finished icons at once.
- The icon post must be unlocked so I can see the icons to post them for voting and also so others can see them without joining your journal/community.
- Please don't submit your icons to this post.
- ALL entries are moderated so I will have to approve them before they appear in the community.
- Don't worry about adding tags, I will do it for you.
- Completed 20 are due by midnight on October 24th in your timezone.
- If you have absolutely any questions then comment here with them and I'll get back to you asap.
- Please do leave feedback for your fellow participants, it's really appreciated :)

The following have been granted posting access for this round: shesnotfromhere mmaalleennkkaa anaklazaro gerryswenchie tiah15

And, of course, you can still sign up until the 13th if you really want to :)

unless otherwise specified, themes are entirely up to your interpretation so apply them as you see fit

Themes: Pumpkin, Cupcake, Candy, Apple, Harvest*, Crop*, Taste, Cooking, Black and White*, Cute
Category: Halloween
and the remaining five are free choice :)

* Crop (an interesting crop such as close-up, negative space, etc)
** For Harvest, if you would rather icon people picking apples from trees or pumpkins from a patch, that's fine with me
*** Black and White (all parts of the icon- including text, borders, textures and/or brushes MUST be black and white)

Tags: 20in20, information, round 2

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