Kori (sweetrapture82) wrote in food_stillness,

Challenge 110: Anything Goes

[ R U L E S ]
- Anything goes, any pictures/any food
- You can enter up to 10 icons
- Icons must fit lj standards (under 40k and 100x100)
- You only need to use the <*img src*> tag when posting your icons
- All icons must be newly made for this contest and this contest alone
- Icon entries must remain anonymous. This means not showing your icon ANYWHERE until voting is closed. If you see someone violating this rule, show me a link or a screencap.
- Anonymous entries are not acceptable.
- Animation is not allowed.
- Variations are not allowed.
- Brushes, textures, blending, and other effects are allowed.
- You are not limited to using just stock images, you may use screencaps from tv shows or movies, so long as the focus is on food.
- Entries are due by April 16th, 2010 at midnight EST.

Entries: 28

I'm certain that the ever wonderful chicachellers will have voting for Challenge 109 posted soon :)
Tags: anything goes, challenge 110

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