Kori (sweetrapture82) wrote in food_stillness,

Challenge 100: Special Challenges (Part Two)

The Special Challenge for Challenge 100 is a food based alphabet. What this means, is that, participants must make one icon per letter of the alphabet for a complete set of 26.

For example: a- apple, b- bacon, y- yam, z- zucchini,

- In order to participate, you must comment to this entry, that way we can temporarily grant you posting access.

- Once you have completed your full set, you may either post it, in full, to the community or a fake cut/link to your icon journal/personal journal. If you are linking to a post at your own icon journal/personal journal- please have the entry set to PUBLIC.

- There will be no voting for this, but every participant will receive a banner made by one of the mods.

- While there is no set deadline, please take no longer than four months to complete your set.

*new* It is preferred that you post all 26 at once

*new* The set of 26 must be completely new and not previously made.
Tags: challenge 100, food alphabet

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