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Challenge 95 - Christmas

As it is Christmas next week this challenge is going to run for two weeks and for that reason I'm going to make the challenge a tiny little bit different. Because it is Christmas your challenge this week is simply Christmas. This means you can icon any food you associate with Christmas from turkey to mince pies, from candy canes to yule log, it is entirely up to you.

[ R U L E S ]
- You may submit up to 6 icons.
- You may use the provided images or your own, as long as it contains Christmas related food.
- Icon entries must remain anonymous. This means not showing your icon ANYWHERE until voting is closed. If you see someone violating this rule, show me a link or a screencap.
- Anonymous entries are not acceptable.
- Animation is not allowed.
- Variations are not allowed.
- When submitting, you need only include your actual image. No link is necessary.
- When submitting your icons, please keep them all in the same comment.
- Brushes, textures, blending, and other effects are allowed.
- You are not limited to using just stock images, you may use screencaps from tv shows or movies, as long as the focus is on lasagne.
- Entries are due January 1, 2010 at midnight EST.
- Have fun!
- Current Entries: 28
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