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Mod Post: Attention Participants

Michelle and I were discussing this briefly, and what we'd like to know is this: for anyone who enters, would you mind sharing your entries? Basically, what would happen is this; if you would like to share your entries with fellow members here just comment with a yes or no to this entry.

If you are okay with your icons being shared, also let us know who to credit (ex. if you have an icon journal/different account for posting icons). We'll keep this list as a master list of sorts, so that way, anyone who wants to save icons directly from the winning list or voting post- they can.

(if this is confusing, just let me know and I'll do my best to explain)

makeuplovegloss - Yes - credit: makeuplovegloss

tomycoffee - Yes - credit: tomycoffee

moonshinefaerie - Yes - credit: moonshinegrafix or moonshinegrafix @ pictorialprose

tooraf - Yes - credit: tooraf or taken4heart (preferred)

shesnotfromhere - Yes - credit: shesnotfromhere

shimmerdream - Yes - credit: shimmerdream

fileg_ - Yes - credit: fileg_

csichick_2 - Yes - credit: csichick_2 or csichick_2_icon

750virago - Yes - credit: 750virago

sanya4 - Yes - credit: sanya4

chiachellers - Yes - credit: chicachellers or chicagraphics

sweetrapture82 - Yes - credit: sweetrapture82 or freetimer_icons
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